(Container Safety Convention)

The abbreviation CSC stands for Container Safety Convention. It covers all international standards of safety and load requirements that a container has to meet.

The International Convention for Safe Containers has been in force since 1977 at the instigation of the International Maritime Organization. As early as 1972, 78 participants from the USA, China, Australia, Japan and all EU member states agreed to adopt a common security system.

The general test procedure and the strength requirements guarantee a high degree of safety in international container transport. The aim is to protect human life, as well as others.

For this purpose, a permanent security badge, the so-called CSC badge, is to be found on every container. This safety approval plate is issued after a thorough check and provides information on the following data:

  • Approval Reference
  • Date Manufactured
  • Identification No.
  • Maximum Gross Weight
  • Allowable Stacking Weight
  • Racking Test Load Value