Do missing production parts threaten to interrupt the supply chain?

Working in the automotive sector, e.g. as an automotive supplier, often means guaranteeing your customers punctual delivery. Do missing production parts threaten to interrupt the supply chain? Samedaylogistics has the solution.

Every loss of production is cost-intensive and must be solved as quickly as possible or best be prevented from happening at all. Transportation carried out by a freight forwarder is safe, but might not meet your needs in terms of time pressure. The overnight option sounds better, but still defines itself as "overnight" -ergo your delivery will not arrive until the next morning. Even this option for supplying your spare parts is often not sufficient enough for tightly calculated order volumes. Luckily, there is an even faster option: Samedaylogistics. You will receive a customized quotation within 10 minutes after your request. We are ready to meet your needs within 30 minutes.

Our individual express solution for the automotive sector saves costs and protects you from delays, transport difficulties, loss of customers, and serious loss of production. Due to our international network in the automotive sector, you as our customer enjoy a status with preferred treatment that includes the highest loading, check-in as well as customs priorities. We ensure short handling times, so that your production will be salvaged just-in-time.