On-Board-Courier - OBC

Worldwide as fast as possible to your destination

The On-Board-Courier is the combination of speed, service, expertise and experience. Do you have to make an international delivery within the automotive or aircraft industry on time? Do you urgently need spare parts for a defect aircraft or a production machine? Do you have a medical emergency and need to transport vital medication or relief goods quickly and safely? Or do you have valuable goods that have to be transported to their destination guarded by one of our couriers?

Our Creative Solutions Operators will find the fastest and most efficient transport route within a few minutes and will take care of all organizational matters for your OBC. Our professional On-Board-Couriers are immediately ready to depart and accompany your shipment starting from pick-up and ending with the personal delivery of the goods, even beyond the airport of your chosen destination.

Precisely coordinated steps, an internationally network with reliable partners and globally positioned OBCs enable us to benefit from extremely short handling times and achieve excellent quality and safety standards.

The On Board Courier by Samedaylogistics is the perfect solution if you need an emergency courier, security courier, express courier or value courier. For OBC deliveries that need to reach their destination on time and quickly, Samedaylogistics is your perfect partner. Because the Samedaylogistics team always finds a suitable and personal solution for your logistics emergency.

Through our many years of experience, we have built up a high level of competence in the field of emergency logistics. Our well-developed courier network in conjunction with our reliable partners enables us to perfectly integrate the individual processes. This results in efficient and fast transport routes, very short handling times and constant optimisation of the individual steps.

Do you still have questions about the on-schedule transport solution? Then give us a call! We will be happy to inform you about our safety standards, route planning, transport solutions and general processing. No matter which concerns you would like to clarify, the trained and professional Samedaylogistics team will be happy to answer your questions at any time.