Medical Sector

We are your trusted partner for logistical challenges in the medical sector

When every second counts: You can always rely on the help of Samedaylogistics for medical transports.

We will transport medication, organs, blood, plasma donations, medical spare parts and many other medical goods with the utmost care from the country of origin to your requested destination, even door-to-door if required.

Samedaylogistics analyses your situation within a few minutes and offers you the fastest and safest route according to the needs and requirements that are necessary for your specific transportation process. One of our strategically placed On-Board-Couriers will either be immediately on site or at the nearest airport to pick up your shipment. We also take care of customs clearance and deliver your consignment to the chosen destination or directly to the consignee in compliance with the highest level of security standards.

In case your destination is located within a remote region or an area that is cut off from civilization, the use of helicopters or Air Charters is, of course, possible at any time.

When it comes to the indispensability of fast reaction, you can always rely on the services provided by Samedaylogistics.