No matter whether your valuable goods weigh one gram or several tons

When it comes to dispatching valuable goods, such as precious metals, jewellery, watches, or other high-priced luxury goods, discretion, security and reliability are indispensable.

Regardless of whether you decide on transport via On-Board-Courier, FLEX, or Air Charter, we make sure that you will always receive a logistics solution at the highest level of service starting from pick-up and ending with delivery. Furthermore, we guarantee a proactive transmission of the shipment status as a matter of course. Additional services can also be ordered at any time. Special safety precautions and precisely coordinated processes ensure that your valuable consignment arrives reliably and safely at its destination.

With Samedaylogistics you are always on the safe side, not only because of our highly professional service and our many years of experience, but most importantly because of our international network through which we are able to provide delivery processes in a smooth and fast way – even on the same day.