Air Charter

Whether Cessna, Boeing, Helicopter or Antonov

Your logistical emergency is of highest priority to Samedaylogistics. If your originally chosen flight is not on time or the schedule is too tight, if your goods are not suitable for being carried on a passenger aircraft or even if a flight route is too infrequent, Samedaylogistics will have the most flexible solution due to offering the service of an Air Charter. With the help of an Air Charter emergency and priority transports can always be carried out right on time.

Our Creative Solutions Operators analyze the available aircraft suited best for your shipment within the shortest period of time. Due to our international network and many years of experience, you benefit from our extremely short handling times and highly professional services. In addition, Samedaylogistics is able to offer mixed transports. The combination of using an Air Charter and an On-Board-Courier can save a significant amount of time when it comes to the delivery of your consignment, especially with regard to customs clearance.

Security is one of our top priorities at Samedaylogistics. Therefore, we check every partner and every charter document with utmost care. In this way we can guarantee that all legal and regulatory requirements will be met during the process of transporting your consignment via Air Charter.