(Airway bill)

The abbreviation AWB stands for "Air Waybill" and is a term used in international air transport. It is the transport document made by the forwarder or on his behalf. The AWB air waybill proves that the forwarder has received the shipment and is also valid as a contract between the shipper and the forwarder. The legal basis of the Air Waybill is the so-called Warsaw Convention, to which almost all aviation operating countries are parties.The air waybill is issued in three copies. The carrier receives a green version, the consignee receives the red version and the consignor receives the blue version. In addition to this, further copies should be issued for customs and subsequent forwarders.

What are the functions of an air waybill in transportation?

The Air Waybill has several functions in air freight. On one hand, it serves as a proof document for the conclusion of an air freight contract. In addition, it contains the receipt for the supplier and is also the accounting basis for the air freight costs. Furthermore, these documents are necessary for customs clearance. The Air Waybill also contains information on the carrier's liability during trans-portand is also an insurance certificate. With an air waybill, the carrier receives instructions from the shipper on how the goods to be transported are to be delivered and handled.

What does the Air Waybill include?

The following documents must be included for a complete AWB Air Waybill:

- Freight Invoice
- Insurance certificate
- Delivery confirmation
- Document for the customs authority
- Commercial invoices
- Certificate of origin
- Export permit
- Information when transporting dangerous goods including theIATA "Shippers Declaration dor Dangerous Goods" and the "Notification to Captain" (NOTOC)

No transport without an AWB Air Waybill.

If the Air Waybill is not available or incomplete, the shipment cannot be transported by air. In order to meet deadlines, especially in emergency logistics, the release for transport is necessary and an Air Waybill is indispensable. Only in case of an onbourd courier there is the exception that the AWB air waybill does not have to be available, because the shipment is not classified as air freight but as baggage.