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No challenge is too big

Emergency logistics – planned under time pressure and delivered just-in-time. Samedaylogistics has THE solution for any of your logistical emergencies.

Do you have to meet production-synchronous delivery deadlines in the automotive industry? Is your aircraft out of service and you urgently need an AOG part? Is your ship offshore due to technical problems? Did the submission of important contracts or documents not take place in time for your upcoming customer meeting? Do you have to deliver medical goods such as organs, biotechnological samples or medication to certain recipients as fast as possible? Do you support humanitarian crisis areas for which you need to provide relief goods as soon as possible and in accordance with security requirements? Do you want discretion, security and reliability to be part of the delivery process of valuable goods?

Samedaylogistics offers a customized logistics concept for all these situations. Our team develops the fastest and most efficient transport route suited exactly for your needs within a few minutes and takes care of the complete processing of all required formalities.

Due to their 24/7 availability, our Creative Solutions Operators are always at your disposal to give advice about the best route of transportation. Depending on your needs and requirements, we can deploy an On-Board-Courier, deliver your freight to your requested destination by FLEX. Or ensure maximum flexibility by using an Air Charter for delivering your goods.

Samedaylogistics - Operational Fields

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